Trick Or Treat: Evergreen Content and its Spooky Uses

The ground is littered with autumn leaves and many houses adorn a Jack O Lantern and a bowl of sweets! And even though we may not be able to celebrate Halloween the traditional way, we can still have fun and enjoy a night of family and good times. When holidays and special events roll around, you may be so busy that you might not have time to create special content to mark the occasion. Or you may simply be out of ideas, on a downward slide to a creative rough patch. Or you might want to take a breather to enjoy the holidays without having to worry about one more piece of content.

If any of these situations sound like you, then allow me to introduce you to the solution to all your problems! Evergreen content is one of the many types of content styles that can help you bolster your portfolio. In this introductory article, we are going to discuss what evergreen content is, why it is important, and how it can help you in numerous ways. We are also going to discuss the tricks you can use to create Evergreen content that will get and keep your audience coming back for more treats.

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen Content is exactly what it sounds like, content that is evergreen or good, conceivably forever. What makes evergreen content, evergreen is the subject matter that content has. Topics that you can use to create evergreen content can range from holidays, to seasons, to calendar events such as back to school or spring break. Typically, evergreen content is anything that is based off of events that come around every year. That’s what makes evergreen content special, you can reuse it whenever the subject matter comes around again!

Why is it Important?

Evergreen Content is very important for any content creator who seeks to create engaging content to draw and keep an audience.  When you create content, one of the things you should strive for is relatability.  Evergreen content’s subject matter by nature is relatable as it often deals with things that affect a large group of people if not everyone.  Evergreen content also helps to fill out the spaces between your more specialized content creating a broader portfolio.

In the digital age of the internet, creators are pressured to deliver content to their audience daily. While that pressure can allow some to find innovative and creative ways to meet that demand, it also burns others out. For times like these, evergreen content can give you a much needed breather during your stressful week. Once created you can slip this content in wherever appropriate to give you the time to plan, create or relax!

Tricks and Treats

Now that you have a grasp on Evergreen Content and you understand how important it is, here’s some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of this content style and some ideas to get you started:


  • Focus on making your content relatable, entertaining, or informative.
  • List-icles (such as top 5’s) make a great template for evergreen content that you can update
  • Experiences that are directly tied to a yearly event makes great repostable content


  • Seasons ( Summer, Winter, Spring, Autumn)
  • Government Holidays (Presidents Day, Labor Day, MLK Day)
  • Holidays ( Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day)
  • School Events ( Spring Break, Summer Vacation, Back to School)


 In conclusion, Evergreen content is a content style that can help you build a portfolio of repostable, engaging content that can help you draw and keep an audience. You can make Evergreen content from any subject matter dealing with or connected to events that happen every year. This allows you to repost and reuse it whenever the appropriate time arises. This can give you that much needed breathing room you can use to plan and create even more amazing content or indulge in self-care. Whatever you may use it for, we at Gifted Biscuit wish you a good night full of candy and family friendly frights!

From ours to yours HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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