It’s not work if I love it right? The sad truth…

Since the first time you raised your hand in class, and got rewarded with a gold star, you have sought for the right answer. You have sought to answer all the big questions in life. What is my purpose? What should I be doing with my life? Should I be eating ice cream for dinner? These questions have plagued you for seemingly an eternity. And now you find yourself here. Now while I can’t stop you from making poor dinner choices (candy is a much better choice) I can answer one question for you, but you may not like the answer…

If I do what I love, it’s not work right?

This question goes hand in hand with the following question “What should I be doing with my life?” Even when we answer that question, this next one hits us like a midnight sugar rush. We begin working on the thing we think is our purpose, and while it feels great, it can be exhausting. When this happens we often remember those around us in the past saying “If you do what you love, it never feels like work” and yet here we are tired as can be, how come?

What do you define as work?

When you think of work, what do you imagine? Is a soul-crushingly beige and bland workplace with a maze of cubicles? Or is it a dark warehouse that blows bone chilling air full of dirt and sweat? Either way, when you imagine work, you often imagine the toll it takes on you, be it mentally or physically. What we don’t often imagine when we start living our purpose the toll it takes to create.

To create something you must give something in return, be it time or your sanity

 Are heads are in the clouds, only thinking about all the fabulous things we could bring to life , and all the people we could touch with that creation( and the money, too money is nice).We need to realize that work, regardless of it being our own, or for a boss and paycheck, requires, time, dedication, and energy.  That means regardless of who you work for, it will take its toll, like it or not.

Anything worth doing requires work

Many times we seek to do something other than our jobs because we seek to do less work. We feel as though if we are successful with our creation, we can escape the rat race, and the endless to do lists that follow. The truth however tells a different story. If we take our purpose seriously, and if we take our creation process seriously, that means we need proper time management to get things done. And you know what comes with time management? Lists.

Regardless of whether it is on a time clock or our own schedule, to get things done we are going to have a never endless list of things to do and improve. And that’s okay. Anything worth doing requires work. Any new heights that you want to take yourself or your creation will take climbing that mountain. We have to realize that choosing to live your purpose and go on this journey means working harder than others to achieve what others can only dream of. That requires, time, consistency, faith and hard work.

We all have the same 24 hours, what are you doing with yours?

Find happiness in your work

But is it all doom and gloom? Are we doomed to be forever working, a slave to corporations or our own ambitions? Hold up, before you decide to drown your worries in the nearest tub of Rocky Road,   allow me to present a different outlook. Instead of looking at the perilous journey ahead, just focus on the first step. Instead of resisting the process of toiling over your craft, embrace it.

Learn to find happiness in your work, and learn to enjoy the process of that work. Only when you find happiness in that process will you learn how to love what you do. Let’s take the focus from how we do the work, to why we do the work. With our actions aligned with our purpose, the work can begin to feel less daunting.

Loving what you do doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s bad parts, it means you love the greater whole

In conclusion

The sad truth is that no matter what we do, there is no way to escape from it feeling like work. After all, any height worth achieving is worth the climb.  Anything we want to do with our lives will require faith, consistency, and hard work. That fact is unavoidable. There is light at the end of the tunnel though.  By shifting your definition of work, and learning to find happiness in that work, we can ease that feeling and continue. There is always work to be done, but when following your purpose, it’s worth it.

I know that wasn’t the answer you were looking for. I’m sure you were hoping I would say that “there is one simple trick corporations don’t want you to know about” or something like that. The sad truth is, that many people will not achieve their dreams because they are not willing to put in the work. Many people will blame it on luck or bad timing, but the truth is that every day we wake up with the same 24 hours.

Today, right now you have the choice to get up and start, or keep going. You can achieve great things if you are willing to put in the blood, sweat, and tears to get it. No, doing what you love will not always feel like work. But when it does, you need to be able to push past that to make your dreams a reality.

You can reach new heights if you’re willing to climb.

Every day, we wake up with the choice to do more and be better, the only question is: When are you going to start?

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