Is Fear Ruining Your Growth?

Picture it. You’re lying in bed at night. You keep staring at the ceiling, but you’re not really looking at anything. You’re beating yourself up after you let another day go by without doing anything. Why? Because you’re afraid. You’re afraid that it won’t come out the way you envision it. Or, afraid that people will think poorly of what you’ve created. Or, afraid it won’t be as good as you think it is compared to others. Or, any of the other million things you could be afraid of at 3 am on a random Thursday night.    Either way it doesn’t matter, because you’ve done nothing today, so now you feel like crap. Sound familiar? If it does, then you may be letting fear, stop you’re creative and personal growth.

What is fear?Why does it happen?

Essentially, if this is you, then you’re allowing your fear to cross the line from helpful, into harmful and that is keeping you from actually achieving the things you want to do in life. Now, you’re first reaction may be “well then I’ve just got to get over fear right?” Well… no. You see, fear is very essential to keeping humans beings alive. It makes us overly cautious of perceived danger, which aids our species in avoiding risk-adverse situations. Put in layman’s terms: there might be something in the dark that can hurt you, so you avoid walking down streets alone at night. That sense of fear helps keep us safe, but sometimes it can bleed into things that may not harm us physically, but mentally.

It creeps up on you like a phantom

This happens all the time, especially when someone is creating something. That is because, the very nature of creating something requires opening your innermost feelings to the public to be consumed, evaluated, and potentially criticized, which is terrifying for most people! Whether it’s a new song you wrote, a new painting you finished, or anything you poured your heart into, allowing that thing to be open to public consumption often keeps many creators in a state of analysis paralysis; either tinkering the project forever, or just not starting the project in the first place.

The Fear Cycle

That starts the cycle of fear: not doing anything because you’re afraid, feeling drained because you’ve been worrying all day, realizing you’ve “wasted” time, feeling bad that you “wasted” time, which triggers the fear that you’ve “wasted “too much time, which drains you till the point where you don’t have the energy to do anything else but worry, which only makes you doubt your ability to create.  This cycle stops many of us from making progress in our creative pursuits. Often times this cycle leaves us both physically and mentally drained. Often times, without anything to show for it! That triggers the cycle again, and we just keep spiraling away in our own heads as the clock ticks away.

How can I fix this?

So how do we stop this from happening? Simple. We have to learn how to get good at recognizing and evaluating our fear. What I mean is, when you feel fear, your first reaction may be to fight it, instead let happen, and try to mentally step back from it and separate yourself from that emotion.  Ask yourself, are the thoughts that I have objectively true?  Is there anything that makes these thoughts true?  Don’t try and answer them, just drop them in and let your subconscious work it out. When you do this successfully you’ll begin to recognize that the thoughts of negativity that float in your head aren’t yours. Rather, it’s that annoying voice in the back of your head that spews negative thoughts while constantly trying to make you believe that’s what you think. That voice sucks.

No person is an island. If you feel overwhelmed seek support.

Now that we have identified that it’s not you who thinks these terrible things, we can look at these thoughts objectively and evaluate if there’s any truth to them. Often times we will find that these thoughts have no basis in reality, and are instead gross misrepresentations of the real world. No, no one is going to publicly shame you for your creation. No, the whole world isn’t going to think less of you for your creation. Yes, your creation is as good as it can be, and if it’s not that ok, because you can get better. Once these realizations come into focus, you’ll notice that these fears aren’t as heavy, they’re still there, but now it’s much easier to actually push past them and get to work. Tada! You have now learned how to deal with fear whenever it rears its ugly head into your thoughts. Now it may be difficult at first, (as it may be hard to separate ourselves from that negative voice in our head) but rest assured, with practice, you’ll be able to do this as a reflex soon enough. Pretty soon, you’ll find yourself out of that cycle, out of bed, and creating and growing the only way you can!

In short

Fear can be a helpful tool that keeps us safe, or drives us to fine tune our work. However if we’re not careful, it can easily spiral out of control. When that happens, just take a second, breathe, and go through the exercise we just talked about. As long as you follow these steps, I’m sure you will be back to filling the world with your light, and creating masterpieces that will bring joy to the masses!

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