Do You Create for You?(Angry Peaks and Serene Meadows)

If the act of creation is the journey to enlightenment, then the blocks and stumbles of the creator are memorable landmarks that one must pass to continue on the path. That said, during that journey one must ask themselves why they make the trek in the first place. Is it to obtain fame, glory, or recognition? Riches or status? Maybe its more than material desires: emotional release or the sense of peace it brings. Or maybe one walks the path because it’s all they’ve ever known. Rest assured, everyone who creates does so for a reason, even you.

This article seeks to open the conversation on the reasons why those who create do, as well as explore the range of the mental states that a creator goes through during the creation process. If you struggle with knowing why you do what you do, or you just want to be assured what you go through is normal, then this article is for you. I will also be sharing my own personal experiences on my journey and sharing with you what I’ve learned from it, as well as what you can take away for yourself. Finally we will discuss which reason is the best and which one you should be focused on above all others.

What is your reason?

Regardless of what you do, how you do it, or what medium you use, when you decide to create, you do so for a reason, even if you don’t know it yet. If you (like many) are struggling to figure out your reason for doing what you do please reference the following for possible insight. Remember that any one of these is not necessarily bad or good, it’s how we frame them that determines their value.

Fame, Glory, Recognition: These reasons are grouped together because they are achieved and dependent on one another. With glory can come fame. With fame can come recognition, and with recognition can come more opportunities for glory. Those who create for this reason want everyone to know their name and their work as the best of the best. They create to leave a mark on the world and change the face of their craft. If this reason is rewarded it can give the creator more confidence and propel them to dizzying new heights. However if it is not, the creator may grow to resent and potentially abandon their craft.

Riches and status: These reasons are grouped together because they are based on power.  With riches the creator can make whatever they wish become reality, and with status they can influence the direction of their craft with superior standing. Those who create for this reason seek to obtain the power to change their fate and others. They create to live lives of opulence and influence. If this reason is rewarded it can deliver the creator from a negative environment or offer more options. If it is not the creator may corrupt their craft in an attempt to become more marketable.

Emotional Release and Peace: These reasons are grouped together because they serve the creator in a different way than the others. While fame and riches may serve the physical, these reasons serve the mental and spiritual. Those who create for this reason do so to heal or achieve balance. They create to control a piece of their world in the chaos that is life. Unlike other reasons these can only be rewarded by the creator. As such if the practice of the craft does not achieve the desired result, it may further stress the creator. However if it does, then the creator will move through life with more stability and order.

The Journey Ahead

Regardless of which reason you decide is more important to you at the moment, let’s discuss the journey that takes place once you make that decision. The journey of creation is a perilous one fraught with danger. It is long and cresting each mountain reveals yet another on the horizon. It is also one of boundless self-discovery and beauty. It can be scary and thrilling, but also warming and comforting. With all these things in mind, it’s important to make sure your reason is strong enough to carry you through all the ups and downs. If it is, then you will continue better for it. But if not then you will get swept off the path with a stiff wind.

My Journey

For years I had lost my path. I had forgotten my passion for writing in favor of my passion for overtime pay. I was suffering in a job I hated with little way to express myself and little hope for my own happiness. Then I started writing again! It started as an idea, then some words on paper, and finally to the website you’re visiting today. It has been an amazing process going from working for a company to working for myself, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

That said it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There are times when I’m stumped or have creative block. There are times when I feel lost and confused and angry. In those times, I continue on the path as best I can, treading up the mountain, becoming more furious with myself as the climb increases in difficulty. And then when I reach the top, I see my boundless opportunity ahead of me. All the mountains I have yet to climb, all of the obstacles in my way and I feel a mix of excitement and worry. This pushes me forward to the serene meadow below where I consider my accomplishments and plan my next moves.

You’re Journey

I say all this to say, that when you decide to create you must consider what that means for you on all fronts. Your journey, whether you are actively moving or not, is always there. It is up to you to plan the best route and brave the passage. Make sure your reason will be a steady compass to keep you on the path, and a fire to warm you when the world seems cold. If there is something that can be learned from my journey it’s that it’s never too late to restart, even if you don’t know how.

What’s the best reason? Can you choose more than one?

What’s the best reason? Is it one of the ones listed, or something else entirely? The truth is that YOU are the best reason for you to create. You are the compass and the fire. The other reasons- those listed and not – all come second. Sure, they may seem important, but if you are not creating for you, it doesn’t matter if you are successful or not. Creating for you is the single most important thing you can and should do for yourself. Also while we’re here understand that you can have multiple reasons that can change as time goes on. That’s just another beauty of the journey.


In conclusion, to create things that matter, things that bring you happiness and purpose, you must create for you. The path of the creator is long and perilous. It is also beautiful and purposeful.  My journey shows me something thrilling and terrifying every day.  Your journey will depend on you staying true to yourself and creating for the right reasons. As long as you create for you, then you will have the tools to weather the journey, and create things that will change the world.

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