5 Reasons Big Creators tell you to Start with your Smartphone

So, you’ve decide to become a creator. That’s great! Now you’re scouring YouTube devouring every video you can find on what the best equipment is. You’re searching high and low, comparing prices, looking at reviews, and you even have a full Amazon cart just itching for you to press the checkout button.

All seems well, but then you stumble onto a video by your favorite creator. They tell you to just start with your phone. But that’s silly you think to yourself. This guy has a 3000$ DSLR mirror less camera and all the studio lights and equipment, how dare he tell YOU to start with your Cellphone! Briefly your thumb hovers over the unsubscribe button. Well hold your horses! Before you unsubscribe from your favorite makeup or mukbang channel, consider these 5 reasons why Big Creators are telling you to start with your Smartphone.

1.Most smart phones have great cameras

With the push of better camera quality and widespread use of social media, many cellphone companies produce cellphones that output photos and videos at least at 1080p! In fact many popular creators such as CalebCity and LongBeachGriffy have built brands mostly using the phone in their hands! Video and photos not your niche, no worries! Many smartphones support apps that include drawing, writing, and many other creative niches!

Most currently shoot in 1080 up to 4k resolution

2.You can learn all the inns and outs of creation before you invest money for equipment

For those of you who want to create videos, learning on your smartphone teaches you many of the fundamentals you will need for higher level video production. From learning about aspect ratio, to proper lighting, to basic editing, starting on your phone is a great way to learn without the pressure of expensive equipment. Writing or drawing more your speed? No problem, many apps give you all the tools you can handle to create your masterpiece or manuscript.

3.You keep more money in your pocket

Plain and simple, you can keep more money in your pocket longer! Starting on your phone lets you experiment without the pressure of having put money down. You can learn what type of creations you like, and what you would like to emulate. You will also have more time to do more research on the right equipment to buy and what to avoid. This will keep you from making the mistake that many( myself included) make when we first start: buying equipment we don’t need.

More money in your pocket means less sleepless nights

4.You can learn how to be comfortable on camera

Before you rush off and buy that really nice camera that you see all the top creators use, YOU NEED TO GET COMFORTABLE ON CAMERA FIRST!!! I stress this so much because there is no worse feeling then buying an expensive camera, turning it on, and then remembering that you’re camera shy. Now you’re standing there with stage fright by yourself. Avoid that by simply recording yourself using your phone as often as you can, and you will get more comfortable everyday!

5.Give yourself a chance to develop.

Before you buy that really nice equipment, consider your content. Consider how long you want to create that type of content. Also consider your vision for your content in the future. Do you want it to be a certain way or fit a certain niche? These are questions that will shape the equipment you will need in the future. These questions will also give you time to begin refining your creativity and yourself.  It will give you the space to find out what type of content you personally like to create.

In Conclusion

In 2020 most people have access to a supercomputer that comes in the form of their android of iPhone. These devices can surf the web or stream millions of shows directly to your fingertips. They also are vast reservoirs of tools you can use to test out and refine your creativity. Many Big Creators you know will recommend using this valuable resource to start on your creative journey.

Your content is more dependent on your vision than your equipment

That is because it gives you the space to learn the ins and out of creation, get comfortable on camera, and give yourself the chance to develop your content. Taking the time to utilize the equipment you do have also keeps more money in your pocket and helps you avoid that dreaded buyer’s remorse. Besides, the phones we have often come with great cameras and many apps that come with a myriad of tools to further your creativity.

So before you press that checkout button and feel the sweet endorphins of spending cash, consider theses 5 reasons Big creators tell you to start with your Smartphone. With all these options that modern smartphones present, the only question is: when are you going to start?

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